Animal Wellness & Vaccination - Colleyville - Euless - TexasAt Heritage Veterinary Hospital, we will always be there for your when your pet is sick. More importantly, we want to do everything within our power to prevent that illness from occurring in the first place. This proactive approach to health care can add years to your pet’s life and improve the quality of those years tremendously. This is the concept behind wellness care. We offer comprehensive wellness care for dogs and cats of all life stages. Give your loved one the gift of a lifetime of good health.

Why wellness care?

By bringing your pet in to be examined at least once a year, you allow us to both monitor their current health and manage that health over time. Through certain preventative measures, such as vaccinations, nutrition and parasite control, we are able to protect your pet against the many risks he or she will encounter over the years. We are also able to identify the signs of illness and disease early so we can treat it before it has a chance to develop and worsen. The result is a happier, healthier pet that will truly get the most out of life.

What does wellness care involve?

Wellness visits involve thorough checkups of your pet’s body. We’ll examine every inch of your loved one – from nose to tail – making sure everything is functioning properly. This includes checking the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin as well as listening to the heart and lungs. We may also recommend certain routine diagnostic tests, such as blood work, which will help us gain a clearer picture of your pet’s current health status.

The information we gather during a routine physical provides us with a baseline upon which we can measure future exam results. That way, when something looks off, we can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and address it right away. The more we stay on top of your pet’s wellbeing, the better the chances he or she will enjoy many happy, healthy years, which is always our ultimate goal.

A chance to get to know you…

In addition to managing your pet’s health, wellness visits provide the opportunity for all of us to get to know one another better. This is important because the more we know and understand your companion’s unique needs, the better care we can deliver throughout his or her lifetime. Additionally, when your pet begins to trust us and feel comfortable in our care, the more positive and effective vet visits will become.

You want your pet to live a long, fulfilling life. It starts with a solid foundation of wellness care. Give us a call or text today to get your loved one on the path to a lifetime of wellness.