Colleyville is a city and Fort Worth suburb situated in the northeastern Tarrant County in Texas. The city is located about 3.5 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The city is an affluent urban area with a population of close to 25,000 people as of the 2014 population estimates. The area has many interests for locals and visitors as well. Many of the residents in the area own pets and they often leave them in pet boarding facilities when they are away from home.

The following are some of the services your pet will get from Heritage Veterinary Hospital.

Pet Boarding in Grapevine, TX - Heritage Veterinary HospitalTender care

The people who run hospital truly value animals. They understand that your furry friend requires the same tenderness it experiences at home. The owners of the facility provide proper attention to the animals in their care. Therefore, you will not find your pet distressed because you were away for a while. When offering treatment, the vets take caution to minimize the pain and suffering of the pets.

Medical attention

The best dog boarding locations pay attention to the health of the animals. The operators of the facilities ensure the environment is safe for the pets. Sick animals are separated from the others to prevent the spread of germs to the healthy animals. The vets pay close attention to the sick animals and record the progress of their recovery. All the animals are examined to find out any health issues that require the attention of the medical staff. Care is provided by appropriately qualified staff who understand what is needed to keep the animals healthy at all times.


Pet boarding is incomplete without thinking about the diet. At Heritage Veterinary Hospital, food for the animals is of utmost importance. The management of the hospital ensures the animals get a balanced diet in every meal. The experts also take care not to introduce the pet to foreign food. They make sure that the routine used at home is followed for the time the pet remains at the facility.


Dog boarding must ensure the animals are safe from any risk. The environment is safe for pets of all ages and sizes. The facility is disinfected regularly to eradicate the threat of diseases. The facility is out of bounds to other people except for the employees and the pet owners.


Surgical services are available at Heritage Veterinary Hospital. The well-trained staff members in the hospital perform operations on the sick animals without the need to hire external experts. The hospital has all equipment necessary to undertake the activities as required.


Healthy pets need enough game time. Play is part of the dog boarding service offered by the hospital. It has enough room to allow the pets to move about and exercise to keep them healthy. They have the right facilities for animals of different types, sizes, and ages. The hospital takes care to separate the small and weak animals from the bigger one to avoid or reduce the chances of injury.

Dog and Cat Boarding in Grapevine

Heritage Veterinary offers pet boarding facilities for your furry friend. The hospital has taken measures to ensure the animals are safe from any danger or disease. They have qualified staffs who love taking care of the animals. Your pet will get the best treatment to keep it happy during the stay at the facility.

If you are interested in having your pet stay with us, please give us a call or text at (817) 358-0404