At Heritage Veterinary Hospital your pet can enjoy the ultimate lodging in our state-of-the-art spacious pet suits and boundless bungalows. With superior quality, expediency, and care in our mind, our pet boarding resort offers a number of services to cover your pet’s needs.

Whether you need to board your pet for a few days or an overnight stay, or better yet for your pet to experience our spa and grooming services, or get high-quality veterinary services, we have got it all covered.

Our team of highly qualified veterinarians and vet nurses available 24/7 will ensure that your pet’s stay is memorable.

Strategically Located in Euless.

We provide exceptional pet boarding services not only for pets in Euless but also in the surrounding regions. If you are in Euless, Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake, or Bedford and you need to check out for a day or two, you should rest easy knowing that your pet is in the safest vet hands whenever you choose our pet boarding services.

If you are visiting Euless for the first time, we are strategically located. Finding us is easier than you think. Our nearness to Dallas International Airport and Midway Airport enhances our accessibility. You can pick or drop your pet, and board a plane in a breeze, every time you seek our pet boarding services.
At Heritage Veterinary Hospital, the dog boarding, as well as other pet boarding services, come in a fully loaded exciting care package.

Here are exclusive boarding services that we offer for all pets in Euless and its surrounding regions.

Overnight Boarding Services.

We provide overnight boarding services for your pet. Your dog or your cat can enjoy its exclusive suites, quietly enjoying a slumber party in one of the spacious lounges. Besides, the dog can choose to relax on our king size pet bed with 24/7 standby pet vets and vet nurse. Our overnight boarding services include:

  • Playtime for your pet during the day with bone-shaped pools for splash play.
  • Special care for the small petite pooches.
  • Top quality bedding as well as the nightly tuck-in services.
  • A private suit so as to avoid the stress of being in the company of other pets.

Pet Grooming.

Your pet gets the experience of true paradise alongside some pampering at Heritage Veterinary Hospital. Our pet grooming services entail a full suite of pet spa specifically designed for your dog or cat. We offer a wide range of grooming services that include nail trimming, spa baths, and fur-trims to hot oil treatment.

We are fully equipped for spa and grooming services with:

  • Trained groomers taking care of your pet.
  • State-of-the-art spa baths and quick baths.
  • Pet specific treatments such as pet tattoos, pawdicure, and hot oil treatment.

Pet Personalized Vet Services.

We know the health of your pet comes first, not only for you but also for us here at Heritage Veterinary Hospital. While your pet gets to enjoy exclusive pet boarding services, our trained vets, and vet nurses closely watch the behaviour of your pet. In case of any abnormal behaviour that may suggest any form of ill health, your pet will receive immediate medical attention from a highly trained vet.

Health and Fitness Services.

We provide a number of boarding services that enhances the health and fitness of your dog. These include:
·         Personalized pet diets such as peanut butter Kong and yogurt treat
·         Training and taking pets for a walk.

Call or text us today, or better yet, stop by to book our top quality boarding service for your lovely pet.