Dr. W.M. Trussell - Colleyville VeterinarianDr. Trussell’s father grew up in the country as a farm boy, and from Dr. Trussell’s infancy she was surrounded by all sorts of creatures. She can’t remember a time when she wanted to do anything other than care for animals! A career as a veterinarian was the only choice that made sense for her.

Dr. Trussell grew up in the Cajun Country of southwestern Louisiana. She completed her pre-veterinary studies at the local university, McNeese State, then attended Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduating with her Doctorate in 1988, Dr. Trussell moved to the Fort Worth area, where she’s been practicing ever since. In 2003, she bought Heritage Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Trussell has an extensive background in emergency and critical care, so management of critically ill pets is the challenge she enjoys most. She enjoys diagnosing difficult internal medicine cases and also gets a lot of satisfaction from soft-tissue surgery.

A few years ago, Dr. Trussell’s father came to live with her, bringing his dog Max along. Dr. Trussell also raises and shows Siamese and Oriental Shorthair cats, and shares her home with several retired show cats—Stella, Fearless, Shiloh, and Fiona—as well as many other cats she raises . Dr. Trussell’s daughter Devon also lives close by and she feels fortunate to see her often.

When she isn’t serving pets at the clinic or showing her cats, Dr. Trussell likes to work on her home with her father. She’s also slowly restoring her 1986 Camaro.